This guide includes written and video materials about Covid-19 vaccines for vaccine providers. One of the goals of this toolkit is to give vaccine providers the knowledge and resources needed to address the factors inhibiting vaccine access and confidence. This guide was developed by the UI PRC-RH in partnership with Iowa Public Health Association and Iowa Immunizes as part of the Prevention Research Centers (PRCs) Vaccine Confidence Network (VCN)





Toolkit: This toolkit discusses barriers to COVID-19 vaccination in micropolitan and rural Iowa and provides resources and strategies to address those barriers. The toolkit can be used by pharmacists and other vaccine providers, administrative staff, public health departments, or anyone else supporting the effort for vaccine equity.

Fact Sheet: This factsheet gives vaccine providers the knowledge and resources needed to address the factors inhibiting vaccine access and confidence in an equitable way.

Table 1: This printable document highlights important information for people seeking vaccines, including the free cost, what they can expect at a vaccine appointment, and what they can expect for after their vaccine appointment.

Appendix: This printable document can be distributed to people to raise awareness of their rights to get vaccinated. It covers who can get vaccinated free of charge and has a table from the toolkit that clearly shows that no documentation is needed to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.




















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