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Team members:

  • UIowa: Rima Afifi, Natoshia Askelson, Barbara Baquero, Sandy Barto, Becky Bucklin, Jason Daniel-Ulloa, Paul Gilbert, Heidi Haines, Kathleen Janz, Helena Laroche, Nicole Novak, Edith Parker
  • Partners: Ottumwa Community Advisory Board

Project dates: 2014-2018

Funding sources: UI PRC-RH

Project tags: Physical activity; Evidence-based interventions; Community engagement; Lay health advisors



The mission of Active Ottumwa was to support accessible, affordable, and sustainable physical activity programming for adults in Ottumwa, Iowa. This program built community connections through partnerships leading to a healthy, positive, and vibrant Ottumwa.

Active Ottumwa started as a community-based research project. The research portion of Active Ottumwa is complete, and was later taken over by the Hy-Vees of Ottumwa until the COVID-19 pandemic shut down program activities. Active Ottumwa trained local volunteers as Physical Activity Leaders (PALs) who guided and supported adults to be physically active. Active Ottumwa provided a fun and free experience for everyone in the community. 

The work of Ottumwa community partners set an example for community-based change in physical activity. We are expanding the Active Ottumwa model to micropolitan communities across Iowa in a program called Active Iowa.



Ottumwa Community Advisory Board

We thank the Ottumwa Community Advisory Board (CAB) for their work with the University of Iowa Prevention Research Center for Rural Health (UI PRC-RH) to make this program happen. The CAB was founded in April 2012. The CAB advised the UI PRC-RH on all program activities.


Active Ottumwa Final Report

The Ottumwa Community Health Survey took place in spring 2013 and spring 2018 by phone. People from Ottumwa 18 years or older were randomly surveyed by telephone. In 2018, the surveyors gathered 950 responses and in the original 2013 survey, surveyors gathered over 1,000 responses. The 2013 survey showed 27% of people did not meet recommended levels of physical activity and many noted they did no leisure time physical activity in a week. Findings from the 2013 survey helped the Ottumwa Community Advisory Board to choose physical activity as the health topic to address by this project.



A logic model explains the resources, activities, products, outcomes, and impact of Active Ottumwa.

Active Ottumwa Logic Model


Resources, Media, and Publications:


  • A Community on the Move: The Story of Active OttumwaThis ten-part podcast series tells the story of Active Ottumwa, a community-based physical activity intervention for adults in the micropolitan community of Ottumwa, Iowa. In this podcast series, we hear from community leaders, researchers, program participants, and program Physical Activity Leaders on the ins and outs of the Active Ottumwa project and where this project is going next.
  • Active Ottumwa Fact Sheets - These documents are a record of Active Ottumwa, including community updates and posters from conference presentations about the project.
  • COVID-19 Response in Active Ottumwa - This fact sheet describes results from a survey with local Ottumwa leaders on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on physical activity in Ottumwa as of May 2020.
  • GPAQ to ActiGraph Calibration Web App -This web app enables researchers to upload GPAQ values and download predicted values which are calibrated to more accurately represent what would have been recorded via ActiGraph.



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