Active Ottumwa Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets

Clicking on the corresponding PDF file will open a printable version of the web page. Adobe Reader is required to open, view, or print PDF files. Click here to download Adobe Reader. These documents were created as part of the Active Ottumwa project and are kept her as a record of the project. Current updates of the Active Ottumwa project can be found on the Active Ottumwa Facebook page.



Active Ottumwa Program Summary (PDF)

This document gives an overview of our program.  It explains further the types of activities that Active Ottumwa holds in the community to work toward our goal of increasing physical activity of adults in Ottumwa.  It shows the many ways that we are evaluating the success of our program.  It also briefly explains how Ottumwans can get involved in the program.  Further information on how to get involved can be found in the “How to Become a Physical Activity Leader (PAL)” and the “How to Become an Active Ottumwa Ambassador (AOA)” documents below.


Active Ottumwa Community Updates (PDF)

This document gives information on the reach of the Active Ottumwa program in the Ottumwa community from June 1 of 2016 until December 31 of 2018. The number of activities led in the community, the number of community members who have participated, and the number of different locations activities were held throughout the community are given here. Quotes from our PALs and community members about our program as well as the community participation in the Active Ottumwa program are also presented.


Active Ottumwa by the Numbers (PDF)

This document provides numbers related to Active Ottumwa’s successes in the community. It shows how many participants we have had at our activities from August of 2016-August of 2017. The number of physical activity opportunities offered through our program is shown as well as a list of places where people can be active in the Ottumwa community that are all within a mile distance from the downtown Ottumwa area. We have many upcoming projects and plans for Active Ottumwa to keep the program moving forward in 2019.


Active Ottumwa Posters

Active Ottumwa is putting Ottumwa on the map! Our faculty and staff have been invited to prepare and present multiple posters at conferences and meetings explaining the great work that is being done in the Ottumwa community surrounding physical activity and social network building. The Active Ottumwa program is helping to promote the Ottumwa community’s efforts and collaboration with our program to help keep Ottumwa a #cityonthemove!


Monthly Active Ottumwa Newsletters

Every month Active Ottumwa creates a newsletter to update the community and all of our generous volunteers on what our program has done in the previous month.  Stay connected to our progress and all the exciting things we have planned in future months by looking at the newsletters below.  These letters always recognize a PAL of the month for the great work they do in getting Ottumwa to continue being a City on the Move.  Hidden gems of information on how to be more active in our program or in getting the Ottumwa community to be more active can also be found in the newsletters.