Active Ottumwa Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets

Clicking on the corresponding PDF file will open a printable version of the web page. Adobe Reader is required to open, view, or print PDF files. Click here to download Adobe Reader. These documents are a record of Active Ottumwa. Current updates of Active Ottumwa can be found on the Active Ottumwa Facebook page.



Active Ottumwa Program Summary (PDF)

This document describes the program. It explains the types of activities Active Ottumwa held to increase physical activity of adults. It also shows the ways that we evaluated the program’s success.


Active Ottumwa by the Numbers

These numbers show Active Ottumwa’s success. The number of activities led, community members who participated, and locations of activities are given.


Active Ottumwa Posters

Active Ottumwa helped put Ottumwa on the map! Our team members have presented at conferences and meetings. They explain the great work done in Ottumwa with physical activity and social network building.


Monthly Active Ottumwa Newsletters

Every month, Active Ottumwa updated the community on the program with a newsletter. These letters recognize a PAL of the month for the work they did to make Ottumwa a City on the Move. Tips on being more active and leading healthier lives is also included.