UI PRC Staff

Heidi Haines, MSPRC Center and Project Coordinator and Evaluator, Active Ottumwa Evaluation Coordinator

Ms. Haines is the center and research support specialist for the center. She conducts the center-level  evaluation, and assists with communications and dissemination, translation and training. Ms. Haines works with the Active Ottumwa research project focusing on evaluation. heidi-haines@uiowa.edu








Sandy Berto, RNPRC Field Coordinator-Active Ottumwa

Sandy Berto is the field coordinator for the Active Ottumwa project. She works in the Main Street Active Ottumwa office. Ms. Berto assists with the community activities/events and communicates regularly with the Physical Activity Leaders (PALs). sandy-berto@uiowa.edu




bucklin-becky-130x182Rebecca Bucklin, MPHField Coordinator-Active Ottumwa

Ms. Bucklin is the core research manager for the Active Ottumwa project. She works both in Iowa City and in the Ottumwa office. Ms. Bucklin assists with evaluation of the core research project, works on community activities/events and with Physical Activity Leaders (PALs).  rebecca-bucklin@uiowa.edu









Robert Svetly, MBAAdministrator
Mr. Svetly is the grants manager for the Department of Community and Behavioral Health and is Administrator for the PRC. In particular, he assists with budget development and management, and advises on fiscal issues.