State Advisory Board

The State Advisory Board (SAB) advises on issues of center level operations, and helps the UI PRC serve as a statewide resource. Members of the current SAB include individuals from local and state health departments, Iowa State University Extension, Iowa Primary Care Association, Iowa Board of Nursing, our Ottumwa Community Advisory Board (CAB), and the State Public Policy Group. These individuals have expertise in nutrition, health, communication, rural health, and community engagement. The UI PRC draws on the expertise of members in regard to evaluation of the UI PRC and its components. For example, the SAB helps the center understand whether we have the appropriate infrastructure resources in place, the scientific expertise to support our research agenda, whether we are disseminating our research findings adequately and to the right people/groups, and ultimately, whether we are affecting the outcomes and having the impact that we intend.


Photo of Jimmy ReyesJimmy Reyes, Associate Director of Practice & Education, Iowa Board of Nursing









Sarah Comstock, Health Systems Program Manager, American Cancer Society, Inc.









Sarah Dixon, Senior Director, Emerging Programs, Iowa Primary Care Association






Himar Hernandez, Community Development Specialist, Iowa State University Extension of Wapello County, Ottumwa Community Advisory Board









Sarah Taylor Watts, Physical Activity Coordinator, Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH)








Rachel Schramm, Communication & Outreach Coordinator, Iowa Cancer Consortium







Haberl-Jami-59418Jami Haberl, Executive Director, Iowa Healthiest State Initiative