Ottumwa Health Survey Results

English - FINAL REPORT 1The Ottumwa Community Health Survey was conducted from April to June 2013 via telephone interviews with a follow up survey from April to August 2018. Only residents of the City of Ottumwa, who were 18 years or older, were eligible to be interviewed. The survey used random-digit dialing (RDD) methodology to allow for the survey sample to estimate the responses of all Ottumwa residents. Over 1000 residents completed the original survey with 950 residents completing the 2018 survey.



A copy of the 2013 Summary report in English can be found by following this link English 2013 – FINAL REPORT, and to see a Spanish version of this report please use this link Spanish 2013 – FINAL REPORT. For the 2018 version please see English 2018 -FINAL REPORT and Spanish 2018-FINAL REPORT.



One finding highlight from our original report was that a large proportion of respondents reported no leisure physical activity (41%) each week. Almost 27% of respondents did not meet the recommended level of physical activity. Leisure physical activity is very important for physical and mental health and as a group the members of the Ottumwa Community Advisory Board and the UI PRC decided to develop a program to increase leisure physical activity in Ottumwa residents. This program is Active Ottumwa and it began in the fall of 2014. The mission of Active Ottumwa is to support accessible, affordable, and sustainable physical activity programming for Ottumwa adults by building community connections through partnerships leading to a healthy, positive, and vibrant Ottumwa. Leadership of the Active Ottumwa project has changed to the oversight of Hy-Vee of Ottumwa with continued support and guidance provided by community organizations throughout Ottumwa. For more information on Active Ottumwa’s current activities please visit the Facebook page.