2016-2017 Pilot Awardee


PI Name: Anne Helene Skinstad, PhD

Project Title: Native Women’s Health: A Holistic Approach

Dept/College: Department of Community and Behavioral Health, College of Public Health, University of Iowa

Abstract: Although prevalence rates among Native Americans are not public information, research indicates Native American Women have consistently higher rates of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease than the general population. The National American Indian and Alaska Native ATTC seeks funding to pilot a health
intervention for women on the Meskwaki Settlement struggling with these health issues. This pilot project is the first step in assisting the community in creating a positive health intervention to encourage healthy eating, exercise, and wellness specifically for women. In addition to increasing overall health, it is our hope that this project will also serve to re-engage women with their community and become role models for their friends and family as they adopt healthier lifestyle habits.