Active Ottumwa


Active Ottumwa is a community-based research project that encourages all adults to be more active. Ottumwa community members and the University of Iowa used the latest research to design this project. The research project for Active Ottumwa has concluded, but the Active Ottumwa program continues on under the leadership of Hy-Vee of Ottumwa and with the positive support of community organizations in Ottumwa. Active Ottumwa will continue to work with volunteer community members who are trained to be Physical Activity Leaders (PALs) to guide and support adults to be more physically active. Active Ottumwa is for everyone in Ottumwa, and is free AND fun!

Upcoming Events

The Active Ottumwa project’s leadership has transitioned to Hy-Vee of Ottumwa. Please refer to the Active Ottumwa Facebook page for information about upcoming events and current PAL programming.

In the upcoming months, Active Ottumwa will be going statewide for the Active Iowa project. As Hy-Vee of Ottumwa takes on the leadership of Active Ottumwa, the University of Iowa Prevention Research Center was renewed by the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention to take the Active Ottumwa model to communities across the state of Iowa, now collectively called Active Iowa. The hard work put in by the Ottumwa community partners is setting an example for change in physical activity for these future Active Iowa sites.